Expert ISA certified arborist services, in Vancouver, GVRD and Fraser Valley.
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Commercial & Residential Arborist Services

Real estate development, strata and home owner associations frequently require our arboriculture service, to assess the health of standing trees, obtain tree risk assessment reports and  advice on planting, pruning and root fertilization.

Arboriculture is the science of how plants grow and respond to their environment.
Arborists can assist in plant and tree selection, planting, disease and pest control, shaping, pruning, training and fertilization of plants, trees, shrubs and vines.

With more than 40 years of expert service to the lower mainland, we are “The Local Experts

Arborist Services

Arborist Services, Vancouver, GVRD, Fraser Valley

  • Arborist reports for new developments
  • Tree inventory and preservation summary’s
  • Tree risk assessments – Determine which trees and limbs are dangerous, and need to be removed or pruned.
  • Wind firm assessments – Arborist reports & consultation and on windstorm tree failures.
  • Tree Protection Plans – Our ISA certified arborists will help you plan your next building project.
  • Tree Appraisals – We have performed thousands of tree appraisals.
  • Wildlife tree assessment
  • Tree root protection fencing
  • Surveying
  • Root exposure (HydroVac)
  • Tree disease assessment
  • Tree spraying and fertilizing
  • Stump grinding
  • Pest identification
  • Noxious/Invasive weed control

As well as being an ISA Certified Arborist, we are also ISA Tree Risk Assessor Qualification (TRAQ) certified

Arborist reports are often required by municipalities for a new building applications, to identify trees that need to be removed, and which trees are to be preserved and protected.

Tree care is essential to maintain the health, vigor of your property’s trees; as well as keeping visitors safe from dangerous trees and falling branches that could become a liability.

Contact our arborists to arrange for an onsite inspection of your residential or commercial property.